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Object Alone
Great Synagogue in Zhovkva
Object Detail

Building Date

Synagogue active dates

Reconstruction Dates

Architect/ Maker
Unknown (Unknown)




Construction Material

Summary and Remarks

Suggested Reconsdivuction



Present Usage
Under reconstruction

Present Usage Details

Historical significance: Event/Period

Historical significance: Collective Memory/Folklore

Historical significance: Person

Construction of the synagogue was sponsored by Polis king John III Sobieski, and hence it is known as Sobieski Shul.

Architectural Significance: Style

Architectural Significance: Artistic Decoration

Brick and stucco Torah ark.

Urban significance
Part of Jewish quarter

Significance Rating
4 (International)

Condition of Building Fabric
C (Poor)

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0 Coordinates: 50.057240, 23.972609